Traditional Method

//Traditional Method
  • Ronco Colino Brut

    BRUT Franciacorta DOCG 375cl

    Expressive well-balanced, soft and with an acidity balance to delicate structure. Persistent and long after-taste which confirms the nose sensations with fruit and floral notes which blend to a pleasant green sensation. Buy Any 6 Bottles and Save 10%
  • Ronco Colino Saten

    Franciacorta Satèn – Ronco Colino DOCG

    Creamy and elegant blend of Chardonnay perlage unobtrusive and delicate mineral notes. It remains in the cellar on the lees at least 30 months before disgorging. Excellent with appetizers of fish, is the perfect match for plateau de fruit de mer, sushi and sashimi. Mix and Match - Buy Any 6 Bottles and Save 10%